All Candidates are voluntarily seeking vasectomy/tubal ligation to prevent unintended pregnancies and childbirths. This benefits everyone; please donate toward the cause.

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Donation Options: Four Methods

Donations of Crypto, Stocks, Checks, Money Orders, Bonds, Other Securities, & Wire Transfers

ChildFree by Choice accepts crypto (please contact us for wallet information) for a completely anonymous donation option as well as checks, money orders, wire transfers, gifts of stocks, bonds, and other securities. To make this type of donation or a donation larger than your bank or payment processor permits (typically in excess of $10,000), please contact us at To mail checks or other documents, please make payable to ChildFree By Choice, LLC and mail to:

ChildFree By Choice,
Attention: Donations Department,
24044 Cinco Village Center Blvd.,
Ste 100 PMB 33,
Katy, TX 77494

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