All Candidates are voluntarily seeking vasectomy/tubal ligation to prevent unintended pregnancies and childbirths. This benefits everyone; please donate toward the cause.


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Simple. If a Donor enters your username as a Referrer, after they checkout you get 10% of the donation amount. Click here for a more detailed overview of the Referral Bonus Program.

For Influencers with large followings, helping to spread the CBC word in this way can be quite lucrative.

ChildFree by Choice (“CBC”) is a privately-held company that connects Candidates who are seeking reproductive health procedure with Donors who are willing to fund them, and to skilled Physicians who are willing to perform them.

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Reproductive health procedure for adult males (vasectomies) and for adult females (tubal ligations).

First, Candidates register and create profiles. Second, Donors can donate (with or without registering) to fund (in full or in part) a Candidate’s fundraising campaign. Third, CBC-affiliated Physicians perform the Candidate’s reproductive health procedure. CBC facilitates each step along the way.

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All costs for a Candidate’s procedure are paid directly to the Physician by CBC. Once the procedure has been performed, the Physician submits a procedure report that is verified by CBC. Once the report is verified, an honorarium is issued to the Candidate’s account within five (5) business days. Please register as a Candidate to view the amount that your honorarium would be. 

Two reasons:  

  1. The male vasectomy procedure is lower cost than the female tubal ligation procedure. 
  2. Goal amounts for both males and females are highest for 18 year olds, and decrease gradually till the age of 40. Thus, the highest funding goal amount would be for an 18 year old female, and the lowest would be for a 40 year old male.

Yes, we always have ongoing bonuses, referral fees, and campaigns being promoted, please contact us to learn more about what is available now!

CBC pays Physicians directly, through Donor funds.

Absolutely. This is our top priority. Please contact us to help onboard your own Physician.

Your privacy and anonymity as a Donor is a top priority. You can securely and confidentially register and your personal information will be kept private. Or you can donate completely anonymously as a guest, without registration. You can even donate using cryptocurrencies.

Please see our Anonymous Donations page. We offer multiple ways to donate, including Paypal, Venmo, credit card, cryptocurrency, and others.

Anonymous donations are non-refundable (since we truly don’t know who donated). However, if you Register as a Donor and donate, your donations are tracked in your Dashboard. Anytime prior to a 3-way match being initiated — i.e. a match between a Candidate, a Donor, and a Physician — you can withdraw your funds.

Please contact us for a refund.

It occurs when either
A. A Candidate is fully funded by one or more Donors or
B. A Candidate is matched with a local Physician willing to perform his/her reproductive health procedure.

A Candidate has been matched with both a Donor (or multiple Donors) that fund his/her reproductive health procedure, and with a local Physician that is willing to perform the procedure. All three requirements have been satisfied to move forward with scheduling the reproductive health procedure.

Not at this time, we are working hard to eventually allow these to be tax deductible, but please consult your tax advisor in the interim.

Absolutely. This is our top priority. You can donate entirely anonymously, in which case we do not ask for any identifying information at all. You can even donate using cryptocurrency, which further bolsters anonymity. Or, you can Register, in which case we keep your personal information confidential and do not sell it or use it for any other purpose as discussed in our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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