All Candidates are voluntarily seeking vasectomy/tubal ligation to prevent unintended pregnancies and childbirths. This benefits everyone; please donate toward the cause.

Consider the possibilities.

Your body. Your life.
Your choice.

ChildFree By Choice acknowledges that this is a selfless and compassionate choice, one that benefits society and our fragile, increasingly overpopulated planet. Thus, we facilitate funding of your reproductive health procedure, and you receive an honorarium as a Thank You from your fellow global citizens.

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Providing Safe, Effective Procedures

CBC makes it possible for everyone to receive reliable and safe birth control that is over 99% effective. When you become a Candidate, you gain the chance to have your reproductive procedure funded in full and receive a critical CBC Honorarium payment to assist with this important decision.

While there are numerous methods to prevent pregnancy, Vasectomies and Tubal Ligations are generally considered the most effective and convenient options.


For Males

Tubal Ligation

For Females

Why choose a ChildFree life?

— Many people across the world choose to be ChildFree by Choice for a variety of reasons, and all of those reasons are valid such as:

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