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At ChildFree by Choice (CBC), we acknowledge that the decision to be ChildFree is a selfless one — one that benefits our society and an increasingly overpopulated planet. Our goal is to eliminate financial concerns from this choice. To accomplish, we connect Candidates with Donors who fund their reproductive health procedures. Once a Candidate’s procedure is funded, we then match them with a local, highly-skilled Physician to perform that procedure. Physicians are paid directly through CBC. Register today to get started on your ChildFree journey.

Candidates receive both a (1) free procedure plus (2) a direct monetary payment of approximately $1,000 as an honorarium for their choice and and sacrifice (This payment is optional and a Candidate can choose to donate it back to help other Candidates).

Registration is 100% FREE, FAST, & SIMPLE

Candidate Overview

Get Access to Safe Effective Reproductive Health Procedures

Best Methods

While there are numerous methods to prevent pregnancy, vasectomies and tubal ligations are considered the most effective options.


CBC makes it possible for any adult male or female to receive reliable and safe birth control that is over 99% effective.

Fully Funded

When you become a Candidate, you gain the chance to have your reproductive procedure funded in full.

Brave Bonus

Plus, you’ll receive a cash payment honorarium (up to $1,000), in recognition of your brave choice and sacrifice and to cover costs.

For Male Candidates
Tubal Ligation
For Female Candidates

Why Choose a ChildFree Life

personal choice not to have children
happily single
Help prevent climate change
minimize unnecessary stress on one’s body
help prevent overpopulation
increasing costs of raising children
Prioritize further education
Prioritize career
minimize unnecessary mental and emotional stress
Prioritize personal well-being, health, and happiness
Conserve our planet's precious natural resources
Prioritize personal & professional development

Our Candidate Process is Simple


Step 1

Start by registering for a free Candidate account.


Step 2

Share your Candidate campaign page with friends, family, and followers on all social platforms.


Step 3

Locate and select a Physician or approve a Physician that preselects you to be a match.


Step 6

Go on living the lifestyle of your choice.


Step 5

Once a procedure is completed, your honorarium funds will be directly deposited into your account (up to $1,000).


Step 4

Once fully funded, schedule your consultation with your selected Physician.

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