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ChildFree by Choice (CBC) is proud to work with the most highly skilled Urologists and OB-Gyns in the country. We will assist you in providing safe, effective, & compassionate reproductive health procedures for men and women from all walks of life.

Registration is 100% FREE, FAST, & SIMPLE

Physician Overview

Why Join Our Network?

Expand Your Care

There are thousands of individuals out there who are seeking reproductive health procedures. We will connect you with them.

Gain Autonomy

We introduce you to fully-funded Candidates who are seeking reproductive health procedures. You decide who you proceed with and who you do not. You exercise 100% autonomous medical decision making.

No Insurance Hassles

All Candidates’ procedures are cash pay and funded to you in advance. You save tremendous resources not having to tussle with insurance companies or collections.

Safe Compassionate Care That You Direct

We find the Candidates. We introduce them to you. It takes a long time to build patient volume through standard means. We can supercharge that.

It is estimated that over 20% of healthcare provider resources go toward insurance contracting, provider credentialing, coding, billing, denial management, and collections. What other industry could survive if it cost them 20% of the top line to simply be paid for their services? CBC eliminates that. We pay cash, in advance of the procedure.

Start by doing one CBC Candidate’s reproductive health procedure. Then try another, then another. If you are providing high quality care and our Candidates are satisfied, you can become our Go-To Physician in the area, and we will introduce many more Candidates to you.

Once a Physician registers the process is very simple


Step 1

Newly registered Physicians receive a welcome packet that explains the process, including the rates that we reimburse for vasectomies (Urologists) and for tubal ligations (OB-Gyns).


Step 2

Fully-funded Candidates can search and find registered Physician Offices and contact them directly to schedule their consultation appointments.​


Step 3

A Registered Physician can browse and select Candidate profiles in their geographic area to indicate their interest and ability to perform the sought reproductive health procedure. The Candidate then receives a notification of the match, and once they are fully-funded, the Candidate can elect to contact the Physician's Office directly to schedule their consultation appointment.


Step 6

Physician's office submits procedure report to complete process and allocate payouts.


Step 5

Physician completes the procedure.


Step 4

CBC prepays the total cost of all appointments and of the procedure. Zero insurance hassles for you to deal with.​

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