Referral Bonus Program

If ChildFree by Choice is a cause you can get behind, please help spread the word through our Referral Bonus Program.

For any Donors that list your Username
in Step 2 during Checkout, you will receive


of the Donation Amount.
You can keep the Referral Bonus or Donate some (or all) of it back, which is a popular option.

Simple Process

Donor inputs your username at the Checkout

You get paid

Quickly get started

Option 1: Register

Register as an Advocate, Donor, Candidate, or Physician and select your own custom username. This is the username you share with Donors to use at Checkout, for you to receive your Referral Bonus.

Option 2: No Registration Required

If you prefer not to register, simply email and in the Subject Line put “CBC Referral Bonus Username”, and in the Email Body put “My username is “johndoe” for CBC’s Referral Bonus”. We will track this on the back end to make sure you receive your Referral Bonus.

Let’s Calculate Your Bonus Together

If your simple act of promoting CBC led to

in donation
THEN you would receive
in your bank account

Spread The Word

Earn Cash
Feel free to spread the word any way you like and get paid fast.
Referral Username Update
If you would like to change your Username for the "Referral Bonus" Program, you can do so on your Account Dashboard (after registration), or if you prefer not to register, please let us know. Please email us your exact username of your choice here:
2. Register & Referral

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