Your donations will improve lives, help heal the planet

Your donations will improve lives,

help heal the planet

and make the world better for future generations

Donations can be made in four ways: (1) to Specific Candidates, (2) to CBC's General Fund (spread between Candidates), (3) to Specific Location, and/or (4) to the Expansion Fund (100% to fuel growth).
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Available Reproductive Health Procedures

Procedure Types: Vasectomy for male Candidates and Tubal Ligation for female Candidates are safe and highly effective at preventing unintended pregnancies and childbirths.

Step 1: ChildFree by Choice (CBC) connects Candidates seeking these procedures with Donors who provide the required funding.


Step 2: Once a Candidate’s procedure is funded, CBC matches the Candidate with a skilled Physician in their area who then performs the appropriate procedure for the Candidate.


Donor’s Impact: As a Donor, you have several options to make a positive impact for our Candidates and society as a whole, by helping to prevent unintended pregnancies and childbirths.

Societal Benefits of the ChildFree Movement

When a person decides not to procreate, resources are freed up for the rest of humankind for generations to come. That’s why we believe that the decision to live ChildFree by choice is a compassionate one – one that benefits all of humankind.

Unintended pregnancies and childbirths have numerous negative effects.

For mothers, they are associated with increased likelihood of high school dropouts, poverty, obesity, and alcohol & drug use. For fathers, unintended pregnancies and childbirths often lead to a lifetime financial commitment, one that many try to evade, leading to prolonged legal battles, garnished wages, and/or jail time. The children of unintended pregnancies and childbirths suffer the most, though, with increased chances of delinquency, maladaptive behavior, alcohol & drug use, and a vicious cycle of more unintended pregnancies and childbirths through subsequent generations.

ChildFree lifestyles, while not for everyone, contribute to a more sustainable future for the whole world.

Reducing unintended pregnancies and childbirths can reduce our overall footprint as a species and reduce multi-generational costs on society by trillions of dollars.

Unintended pregnancies and childbirths cost upwards of $500 billion every year in the US, but monetary expenses are only part of the equation.

Consider the amount of food and water consumed, electricity and gas used, and waste produced. The footprint each person leaves on the world matters. 

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