According to a poll by Business Insider,38% of Americans aged 18 to 29 believe that couples should consider climate change when deciding to have children.”

Evidence suggests that bringing a child into the world may not be the best thing for anyone – the parents, the child, or humanity in general. From climate change issues to limited resources, our world is carrying a heavy load. The decision to live a ChildFree life might seem like a small thing when compared to a planet whose mass is estimated at 6.6 sextillion tons, but the effect could be larger than you think.

Choosing a ChildFree Life Could Alleviate Climate Issues

A study published in Environmental Research Letters stated that “Having one fewer child will save 58.6 tonnes of CO2-equivalent per year.

Everyone is talking about climate these days. Even kindergarteners are learning about ways to cut back on energy costs. People are using energy-saving light bulbs. Recycling bins are popping up everywhere. Most car manufacturers are starting to create hybrid vehicles. Plant-based diets are on-trend.

But according to the Environmental Research Letters study, all of the above listed measures are drops in the bucket compared to the decision to not have a child. In fact, having one fewer child has a positive environmental impact of 58.6%, in comparison with other actions, such as hang-drying clothes (0.21%) or living car-free (2.4%). Based on these numbers alone, living a ChildFree life is quite clearly a huge action one can take to help the future of our planet.

Is It Fair to Bring Children into a World in Crisis?

But it’s not just that people are hoping to alleviate the burden on the Earth by not having children. They also worry that it wouldn’t be fair to bring children into a world where they would be affected by climate change.

The future of our planet isn’t a happy one at the moment. According to the Center For Science Education, scientists predict increases in precipitation, melting snow and ice, rising sea levels, acidic ocean water, changes to ocean currents, and more severe weather. These changes will not only affect wildlife, but also humanity.

The United Nations has even issued a “code red for humanity.” That certainly doesn’t sound like a hospitable environment to raise a child, does it?

Climate aside, there are other factors to consider when having a child. Earth is burdened by overpopulation, too many people existing on a planet that may be beyond its capacity. Earth’s natural resources are depleting rapidly to support the demands of the human race. According to a study by the UNEP Global Environment Outlook, “Each person on Earth now requires a third more land to supply his/her needs than the planet can supply.”

According to the USDA, more than 38 million people in the United States alone are struggling with hunger, and the world is both literally and figuratively on fire. Is it really fair to bring yet another person into the world? 

CBC Candidates are among the many people today making the choice to consider the future of everyone in their reproductive choices. And our Donors, Physicians, and Advocates are helping them live by that selfless choice. How will you contribute to a greener future for all of humanity?

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